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In the 1980s, my family and I lived in a small village which was very poor, but we had to keep on our life. My father acquired some skills of furnitue making from those old carpenters, and sold simple furniture made by himself in bazaar. Only in this way, could he afford my brother and I to go to school.

Later, when I studied in the city outside, I always missed those dark Brown painted dining tables, chairs and wardrobe.

Now, I, together with my partner A professional team set up a furniture Brand called GUKEA.

GUKEA is a specially designed young furniture brand for customers who enjoy casual lifestyle, with more than 15 years of furniture design, production and sales experience. we believe the concept that “focus on the value of creation, and design changes life”. At the same time, we share the quality standards of raw materials and production plant with the world famous household furniture brands, such as HomeGoods, VCF, MADE,STUL, Wayfair, ETC…


We are now expanding domestic and foreign commercial furniture projects actively, in the service of domestic and foreign contractors like gourmet Restaurants, Clubs, and starred Hotels. You may have a great chance to come across GUKEA’s high-qualified products when you are listening to rocks in a bar in Lhasa, or tasting French wine elegantly in a suburban club restaurant in New York America, or even you are in the coldness in St. Petersburg, or in a leisure town in Denmark, Europe. We will always be here, servicing customers sincerely.

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